About Us

I am a huge fan of Art Nouveau jewelry and the designs of Renee Lalique. With its asymmetrical composition of organic themes and the emphasis on the feminine, Art Nouveau touches the human psyche in ways nothing else can. Its mystery is further enhanced by the transformative quality of the work. My latest pieces feature a modern, minimalist spin on this classic style. The result: original, evocative designs with a depth and a subtle sense of movement all their own. 

But while my jewelry may have more of a modern look to it, I still fabricate each piece using traditional metalsmithing techniques, such as forging and lost wax casting. I source my materials and supplies from reputable local companies, and whenever possible, I incorporate refined and reclaimed sterling silver and other metals, in an effort to be more environmentally friendly. 

I hope you enjoy my handcrafted work, and thank you for visiting Silver Moth Designs!