Bean Sprouts Mother and Child Necklace
September 25 2015

When I was a college counselor, occasionally my students would bring their children with them to appointments. As I talked to the parents, the kids would become preoccupied with toys I had in my office. Most of them were very well behaved, and even the ones who were more, shall we say, "rambunctious" are a lot of fun. One particular powerhouse of energy disguised as a 2 year old comes to mind. It’s hard to forget how she dodged her mother and held onto my leg when it’s time for her to leave. Too, too cute. In a world where we are constantly reminded of how careless we treat the young, I am heartened by how loving my students were with their children. You could see it in those little faces. They knew they mattered. They knew they were loved.

Mother Child Necklace for an expecting mom

This Bean Sprouts and Child Necklace is a tribute to that unconditional gentleness and kindness that make little sprouts grow up to be healthy happy big sprouts. :)