A Day in Paradise
April 20 2015

On one gorgeous Saturday, my friend and I decided to take a drive up to Santa Barbara. It was first conceived as an aimless road trip just to get out of the city, but fearing the lack of a destination might not make for a satisfying excursion, we decided to treat ourselves and aim for the Four Seasons’ Bella Vista and its high tea to mark the day. After about 2 hours of unusually good L.A. traffic, we arrived at the famed hotel set against an idyllic beach…on an exceptionally beautiful day.

We were early to the restaurant, but they seated us anyway. It was a beautiful space, airy and bright with a gorgeous view of the ocean.

Santa Barbara Beacj

We think there was a celebrity seated across from our table, but since neither of us recognized her, we just conjectured a lot. Whoever she was, she was lovely with her Alice in Wonderland style dress and looks.

Our first course was what I call the fancy sandwiches: Beautiful and delicious.

Then came what we were waiting for: sugar, fat and carbs transformed into elegant tasty morsels.

petite pastries tea cakes

Two hours of non-stop gorging and about a gallon of tea later, feeling pretty happy and content with our adventure, we slowly rolled ourselves out of the restaurant, took one last stroll along the beach on the way back to our car, then fighting a food coma, drove back to our La La Land reality.