The Process
March 18 2015 1 Comment

In making jewelry, I use either the lost wax technique or hammer forging.  Here is an abbreviated look at how a pendant comes to life using the wax casting process, which can take anywhere from a week to two or more weeks. 

1. A wax mold is made from original design. It is individually retouched to obtain desired shape. 


2.  Using the lost wax technique, it is then cast in silver. With this process, the wax shape is encased  in a sort of plaster, then molten silver is poured in, displacing the wax.


3.   Right after casting.

4. Right after the acid bath (aka pickle) to remove the black patina.  The cast piece is never smooth. It has bubbles and rough spots that need to be removed.

5. Some of the tools I use to remove all the rough spots to make it smooth.


  6. The pendant is smoothed and a jump ring is soldered on. But more cleaning and polishing are needed to make it finer.

7. It is then given an oxidization treatment and is polished to high shine.  


8. Add chain and it’s ready to go.

 Venus Necklace Silver Moth Designs Bella Necklace - Silver moth wing necklace

                                                         (Venus Necklace)                                (Bella Necklace)